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Episode 15: What Have You Learned?
July 04, 2016 04:33 PM PDT
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Episode 15
By Bill Quinn

Over the last year, I've compiled stories and thoughts from nonprofit leaders here in NYC and a few from around the world. That includes innovative educators from Australia, anti poverty leaders in Manhattan and organizations bringing the latest surgical knowledge to the developing world. I remembered to ask (most of them) what they've learned in the course of their work. So, for my first (very belated) anniversary I've lovingly boxed up all their wonderful advice, wrapped it in a big bow and present it to you now. Slice yourself a piece of cake and have a listen!

Beyond Hollywood--The Sunday Film Series
February 24, 2016 10:56 PM PST
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Episode 14
by Bill Quinn

While the upcoming Oscars’ ceremony has been one of the most significant and discussed in its 80+ year history, it reminds us to highlight the voices that do promote diversity in film. In episode six we featured the Sunday Film Series curated by Heather Freudanthall which helps promote some wonderful and beautiful independent films in screenings throughout Brooklyn as well as online. This episode I go back to that interview and unearth some great anecdotes about the more memorable films, directors and audience members that the series brought together. For time reasons they didn't get into the first go-round but are digitally remastered and brought to life in vivid Technicolor for you now.

Episode 13 Project Attica
February 17, 2016 04:08 AM PST
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After an extended break I'm thrilled to finally ring in the new year with the latest interview: a conversation with Project Attica founder and director Anthony Posada. Entering its fifth year, Anthony and I talk about how Project Attica uses t-shirt design workshops to give young people a voice on issues that matter most to them. Chatting in a Union Square cafe, I learned more about the stop-and-frisk that sparked the idea to the empowerment youth feel when given an avenue of expression as well as their plans to work with students displaced by violence in Colombia.

Holiday Edition--His Toy Store and Hope for New York
December 22, 2015 03:54 AM PST
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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

In a just few days, kids all over New York City will wake up early and run out of their bedrooms looking for presents. Many of those boys and girls will happily find gifts because of the good people at Hope for New York who support 40+ faith-based, anti-poverty organizations across the city (remember Father's Heart?). Earlier this month, they opened several pop-up toy stores under the banner "His Toy Store." Their goal is to provide presents to families in "deep financial need." In this episode, Katherine Evans walks me through how His Toy Store works and recounts some of her fonder memories of the program.

Episode 5.2--CityScience Extras
November 29, 2015 02:46 PM PST
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Here at the Bill Quinn Podcast, one of our favorite organizations is CityScience for their role in supporting New York City STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education. We featured CityScience in episode five but I recently went back deep into the archives and dug out some stories that didn’t make our first go-round. So this week's episode is an extension of that original episode. You’ll hear the Founder and Director, Thor Snilsberg, talk about his favorite moments which include students breaking into computers, pickling food and advising students who led the first urban forestry study.

Helping Students Learn about Themselves--The Bloom Collective
November 13, 2015 12:46 PM PST
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“Anything goes!” Aaron Densham exclaimed when describing the the Bloom Collective's education philosophy. Raised in an atmosphere of progressive teaching programs focused on self-reflection, Aaron went on to intern at an orphanage in Rwanda where he implemented similar innovative teaching methods. Co-founding Bloom in 2014, the organization has brought the approach to communities and schools in Israel, India and of course his native Australia. Speaking from Melbourne (and a whole day in the future!) we talked about what his young organization has already accomplished and what plans they have going forward. I also learn why he enjoys spraying shaving cream at students. You know, outside of the obvious.

Episode 9--Mission: Restore
October 27, 2015 05:43 PM PDT
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Last week I sat with Karina Nagan in a quiet Brooklyn coffee shop to learn about Mission: Restore, an organization dedicated to supporting surgeons around the world with knowledge and skills to improve treatment of their patients. As Executive Director, Karina has helped to send veteran doctors to Myanmar, Tanzia and Haiti among others where they train and work with local surgeons to manage the complexities of their job. This episode we learn more about how mentors, like Dr. Kaveh Alizadeh, founder of Mission: Restore, impact local doctors and their community as well as use teleconferencing technology to maintain their mentorships after the trip has ended. Plus learn about the upcoming "Fall Soiree" and an opportunity for listeners to support the training of one particularly talented doctor in Tanzinia.

Episode 8--The KIOO Project
October 06, 2015 02:45 PM PDT
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Humanitarian photographer Babita Patel tells a story of a boy laughing and pointing at the image of himself on the screen of her digital camera. It turns out that he and other Haitian boys like him rarely if ever get to see what has become ubiquitous here in New York--a picture of themselves. This small moment has launched an exciting nonprofit called the KIOO Project which runs photography programs for students in some of the world's poorest countries. They not only teach students new skills but empower young people to express themselves. This episode Babita shares stories from the work she has done in Haiti and Kenya.

Episode 7--Extended Impact Network Interview
August 25, 2015 01:33 PM PDT
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From her small office in Brooklyn, NY the Reshma Patel is tackling the difficult problems confronting schools and students in Zambia with new technology and innovative teaching methods. She is the Executive Director of the Impact Network and I was lucky enough to talk with her a couple of months ago in episode three. In order to keep the episode around ten minutes there were a lot of interesting things I had to cut. But since I’m currently struggling to find someone to interview, I thought I'd put the whole interview together. In this episode Reshma talks about the education system in Zambia, what the Impact Network’s schools do differently and how they are able to be so successful for so much less. If you’re inspired to get involved, Reshma describes many of the available opportunities to be a part of the organization. One quick note on the recording quality; this was one of my first efforts so I clearly had some issues. Full apologies and thanks for your patience.

Episode 6--The Sunday Film Series
August 02, 2015 01:28 PM PDT
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Dipping into the world of independent film can be daunting. The most ardent supporters of independent cinema can be victimized by movies with poor acting, low quality production and nonsensical scripts. Luckily the "Sunday Film Series" led by filmmaker Heather Freudenthal is here to be your guide through these murky waters. Heather's series not only selects provocative, quality films but is followed by a discussion after with the directors themselves. This episode I talk with Heather about what makes the Sunday Film Series so special. I got an inside glimpse into running a film screening as well as what we can expect from the Sunday Film Screening going forward.

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